Healing Practices


Reiki is a gentle technique that facilitates health and wellness in the body. It is based on the idea that the unseen life-force energy (prana) flows around us and through us. Sometimes this energy is low and can result in stress and sickness. Reiki helps us maintain balance and restore the flow of energy throughout  the body. It is gentle, safe and simple. most people feel less stress and a sense of profound relaxation after a session.
Reiki sessions by appointment. Please contact Leslie and lesliewintergordon@gmail.com or call 860-970-4944 to schedule a session.

Reiki pricing:
$85 for 1 hour session.
$45 for 1/2 hour session.
I am also available to come to your place of business. Inquiries to Leslie at lesliewintergordon@gmail.com

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic therapy for hands and feet that utilizes different massage and pressure techniques to free up energy blockages throughout the body. It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems and relieves tension, stress and tiredness. I incorporate some energy-moving ThaiYoga therapy for feet and lower legs into each session.

Reflexology treatments are booked by appointment. Please contact Leslie at lesliewintergordon@gmail.com or call 860-970-4944.

Reflexology pricing:
$85 for 1 hour session.
$45 for 1/2 hour session.
Hour-long sessions may include just feet or both hands and feet.
1/2 hour sessions—please specify hands or feet.

Auricular Therapy Sessions

Auricular Therapy is a method of energy work that utilizes the energy points on the ear to relieve a wide variety of symptoms in the body including pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addictions and a whole host of other disturbances in the body. It is similar to acupuncture, but only pressure is exerted on the points using small beads affixed to the ear with adhesive tape. The skin is not punctured. Results are usually instantaneous.
Sessions are scheduled by emailing Leslie at lesliewintergordon@gmail.com or calling 860-970-4944.

1 session–$35
3 sessions–$90