Michelle J. Pouliot, ND
New Hartford, CT
(860) 238-7983
Dr. Pouliot believes that every patient deserves the time to be heard and treated respectfully as a person with a health challenge not just as a diagnosis. She and I collaborate on workshops for Osteoporosis.

Kathy Beach, MS, ATC
Collinsville, CT
(860) 463-7179
Kathy is a master at designing individualized diets  to address many different issues including weight loss, chronic inflammation, recovery from cancer and fatigue. She and I offer Whole21 together at the Chi Healing Center.

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A Yogi’s Prayer

May all who are mean return to good;
May all who are good obtain true peace.
May all who are peaceful be freed from bonds;
May all who are free set others free.Blessings upon all the earth;
May all the world’s rulers uphold righteousness.
May only good fortune reach everyone;
May all the world’s creatures be happy.

May rain fall when the earth is thirsty;
May all the storehouses be filled.
May everyone here be free from injury;
May all who are good be free from fear.

May everyone know a life of joy;
May everyone live a life of health.
May everyone see only good in the world;
May everyone soon be released from pain.

May everyone overcome all their woes;
May everyone see only good in the world.
May everyone realize all their desires;
May everyone everywhere be glad.

May our mother and father be blessed;
Blessings upon every creature on earth.
May our works flourish and aid everyone,
And long may our eyes see the sun.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti (peace).

This prayer is from the book Structural Yoga Therapy by Mukanda Stiles.
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