Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga


See you next Summer!

Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga on the Farmington River

Privates and Group Classes Available Upon Request by appointment only.

Yoga on a stand up paddle board goes together like happiness and sunshine. Doing yoga on the paddle board simply enhances your yoga workout. The board on the water requires enough extra balance to invigorate your yoga practice. The gentle rocking of the water only adds an additional element of challenge to the experience. This is unlike any yoga experience you will ever have. Get in touch with your body and nature in this 1.5 hour class.
Work at your own level and progress as you create a connection between water and board. Wear water gear, hats, maybe sunscreen. (Please note: anything that is not secured to your body may end up in the river!) Previous SUP experience is helpful, but not required. Beginners are welcome.